Travel Tech EMEA Day 5 – Tech Trends – How to reinvent the hotel management with small teams?

One major fallout of Covid19’s impact on the hospitality industry is the retrenchment across segments. The pummeling occupancy and revenue have forced hotels to take a hard look and reduce their workforce. According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the American hotels has lost over 870,000. Across the world, the number has been several millions.

The disruption is brutal. However, as with life, business must go on. People will eventually travel and stay in hotels. And the industry must adapt to the new way of managing things with smaller resources. As hotels prioritize operational cost control, technology is expected to take the central stage to optimize business efficiency in a reduced workforce and increased workload environment.

According to a Gartner report, 85% of customer interactions is expected to be managed by artificial intelligence by 2020. Automation has become a major player in customer experience, and in the post-Covid world, technology adaption is going to get accelerated to ensure resilience. With hotels have been using technology solutions like PMS, CRS, Channel Manager, IBE, RMS, POS etc, a data driven integrated platform where each solutions talk to each other breaking the silos would go a long way to help hotels identify service and performance gaps and boost operational productivity. Hotels would need to embrace advanced AI technologies designed to improve the overall customer experience by being proactive, anticipating customer needs and engaging on an emotional level.

In the last session of this series Travel Tech EMEA, Co-founder Vinicius Geraldo with Alejandro Gomez and Clarissa Trezzi will discuss the critical issue facing the hotel industry – how to reinvent the hotel management with small teams? Joining him in the panel are Jirka Helmich  of Mews, Alfredo Chiaramonte of CHAPP Solutions, Luís Brites of Clever Hospitality Analytics, Tiago Araújo of HiJiffy and Prithwish Dutta of eRevMax. Join us – register now –

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