What’s New in Hotel Online Distribution and Tech Trends? W3, November 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

  • Hilton announces its upcoming hot new hotel openings in 2023
  • “Controlled automation” It’s time to make a smarter hotel pricing decision
  • Are Airport Hotels a good choice for scheduling a business meeting?
  • “Annette” the virtual agent of hotels goes where no call bot has gone before
  • YHA Australia launches its first co-working space inBlue Mountains
  • Airbnb’s co-founder says goodbye to short-term rentals & welcomes backyard tiny homes

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Hilton hot openings in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Hilton has revealed its hotly anticipated new openings for 2023, many of which are perfectly located near the world’s most beautiful beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Wonders of the World. With numerous exciting properties set to open worldwide, there’s endless travel bucket list inspiration on offer.


How can independent hotels make smarter pricing decisions?

“Controlled automation” is the answer to a successful dynamic pricing strategy that gives independent hotels an advantage in a competitive landscape filled with big brands. In today’s environment past records or artificial intelligence alone won’t work. The duo of AI and revenue manager’s experience is needed which comes with the Controlled Automation technique.


Airport hotels to be a popular destination for meetings

Airport hotels are becoming more popular meeting venues, but less so because of the amenities offered, and more so because of how work has evolved in the post-COVID world,” he said. “With many professional firms now employing geographically diverse teams, airport hotels have become convenient meeting venues when in-person collaboration is required.


Is it possible to engage on a regular call with a virtual call bot?

AI is the way of the future, and the hospitality industry is ahead of the curve. Annette can answer hundreds of commonly asked hotel-specific frequently asked questions. Additionally, Annette can understand and communicate in several languages and be programmed using your hotel’s very own voice talent. When guests call and Annette answers, they won’t hear some robotic, clunky voice on the end of the line. Instead, with Annette, guests hear a kind employee with a regional accent they’d expect.


Co-living meets co-working at YHA’ Katoomba Property, Australia

the first Y-Hive co-working space officially launches at YHA’s award-winning Katoomba property, Blue Mountains YHA. A first of its kind for the area, this dedicated hot-desking space has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of locals, out-of-town visitors and guests of the property. These new spaces will be ideal for digital nomads, those who are tired of working from home, or those taking advantage of newfound flexibility to combine their next holiday with work.


Joe Gebbia of Airbnb is now the cofounder of Samara: backyard tiny homes

Gebbia is now the cofounder of Samara, a tiny home startup with plans to factory-build studios and one-bedrooms that can be dropped into its customers’ backyards. Samara’s studio and one-bedroom ADUs start at $290,000 including installation costs.


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