What’s New in Hotel Online Distribution and Tech Trends? W2, March 2024

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    • Hoteliers’ essential guide to online travel agencies (OTAs)
    • ITB Berlin 2024 concluded amidst disappointment
    • Kerten introduces The House Urban Eco Resort Riyadh – an eco gem
    • Maximizing your spiritual journey during Ramadan travel
    • Hilton strengthens Asia Pacific development leadership

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    Newshound W2 March 2024

    Online travel agencies (OTAs): A guide for hotels

    Online travel agencies (OTAs) have changed the game for hotels and accommodations all over the world. These digital platforms allow travellers to book their trips with just a few clicks, making the planning process more convenient than ever before.


    ITB Berlin 2024 ended with frustration

    Many visitors and exhibitors left Berlin on Wednesday night, hotels that refused refunds for a prepaid last night had to listen to insults. Diverse and globally represented, more than 5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries illuminated the three business days, occupying all 27 exhibition halls at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.


    Kerten Hospitality announces The House Urban Eco Resort Riyadh

    Kerten Hospitality, in partnership with RIKAZ and RAFAL and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, unveiled a ground-breaking project in the heart of Riyadh: The House Urban Eco Resort. This unique resort is set to redefine urban eco-living, blending leisure, wellness, and business within a sustainable and luxurious environment. In the heart of Riyadh.


    Ramadan travel guide: Making the most of your spiritual journey

    Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is a time of spiritual reflection, prayer, and fasting from dawn until dusk. It is observed by millions of Muslims around the world as a period to fast, pray, and engage in acts of charity. Traveling during Ramadan can be a unique and enriching experience, offering insights into the cultural and religious practices of different Muslim-majority countries. To ensure a respectful and fulfilling trip, here are essential travel tips for navigating the holy month of Ramadan.


    Hilton strengthens Asia Pacific development leadership

    Hilton has announced the appointments of Nong Xia as President of Development for Greater China and Mongolia, and Maria Ariizumi as Vice President of Development for Southeast Asia. These appointments mark a significant step in Hilton’s ongoing commitment to expand its footprint and strengthen its presence in key growth regions.


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