Bellevue Hotels & Resorts using RateTiger Web on LiveOS to manage online sales for 4 properties

Philippine hotel chain the Bellevue Hotels & Resorts has recommended RateTiger for centralizing online distribution. All four properties of the group have begun using RateTiger on LiveOS  platform earlier this year and certifies it to be ‘the best friend’ for hotels.

The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts manages luxury and midscale hotels across Philippines. The revenue management team is managing premiere properties such as the Bellevue Manila and the Bellevue Resort Bohol along with midscale properties in Alabang and Quezon City with its B Hotels. With its diverse guest profile which include luxury, midscale, leisure and business travellers, the team was grappling with the online distribution.

They turned to RateTiger Channel Manager and On Demand Shopping available on LiveOS, the hospitality operating platform by eRevMax. RateTiger’s XML connectivity with over 350 online sales channels including OTA, GDS, metasearch and wholesalers gives the hotel group the opportunity to boost reservations and revenue and attract larger segments of both the corporate and leisure markets it caters for.

“The most important feature for me is RateTiger Channel Manager. Being able to view all 4 properties at one time on LiveOS has a great impact for me in terms of time and efficiency. The “smart fill” feature works like magic! I just use this field, and in 2 steps, all my different room categories would be live and bookable!” said Annie Bisuna, Revenue Director, The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts.

They are also extensively using On-Demand-Shopping tool to generate a real-time rate shopping report as-and-when they require to keep up with the fast pace business movement. RateTiger Shopper captures all its competitors’ rate data across hundreds of websites instantly and delivers granular analysis to monitor market dynamics on time.

“Rate Tiger is my new best friend. We hang out most of the time – that is during duty hours, share secrets by showing rates of our competitors through their Shopping on Demand tool and gives advise on how to position our properties in terms of pricing with the objective of maximizing revenue. I am truly satisfied having the chance to do partnership with Rate Tiger and would highly recommend to other hotels,” said Annie Bisuna, Revenue Director, The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts.

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