The Week, That Was – June 2021 Week 4

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eRevMax report shows optimism and positive outlook within the European hospitality sector

European Hotels are excited about summer travel and are looking to drive business recovery. For the first time since Q1 2020 European hoteliers are showing a sense of optimism. eRevMax has been carrying out regular #surveys to monitor hotel sentiment and help shed light on how they are reacting to the new normal and the changing travel trends. Through this survey report, we present hotel business outlook, booking sources, distribution mix, travel recovery timelines among other parameters. Access the full report here –

Hotel marketing campaigns balance emotion and innovation

Messaging draws a deeper emotional bond to travel for viewers, while activations appear in the types of digital- and mobile-first environments that a wider range of people have adopted over the past 15 months.

Budget hotels set to benefit, according to GlobalData

The data and analytics company notes that, with less budget for travel but a strong desire to escape, many will turn to budget providers to satisfy their travel cravings.

Europe’s reopening: Where U.S. travel advisors are sending clients

Italy and Greece are currently the most sought-after destinations, with France following not far behind.

Tripadvisor sharing activities travelers loved the most

Awards have been expanded across a dozen subcategories, reflecting activities that have been hot since the start of the pandemic. Whether travellers enjoy planning in advance, or waiting to see what’s nearby once they’re in-destination, Tripadvisor’s Things to Do Awards surface recommendations for all types of travellers, according to the best guides: other travellers who have been there and done that.

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