Annual Cricket Tournament, December 2010

eRevMax Kolkata played a great game of cricket on 18 December 2010 when they organized the annual Cricket Tournament at the Sports Authority of India grounds. From the start the four competing teams were fizzing and itching to go, ready to battle it out.

The knock out matches were a treat to watch as each team gave its best to reach the finals. eRevMaxians are known for their passion for the game, however on this day, all teams knew that they will have to let their cricket do the talking.

The four teams under the able guidance of Briti S Biswas, Mahendra P Sharma, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Surajit Kar put up great performances and after some thrilling matches, Sabyasachi & team lifted the trophy with a one-run win over Mahendra & team who finished second. At the award giving ceremony, the winners and runners-up were presented with beautiful trophies while all participants were given participation medals.

After a grand cricket day and irrespective of the game winners, it was the sportsmanship spirit and team bonding of eRevMaxians that emerged as the ultimate winners. I look forward to next year edition of this annual event.

Satish Rudraraju
Test Engineer, Kolkata

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